About Us

Integral Development Foundation, Lebanese based NGO, Established in 2016, Registered at the Ministry of Interior under the Number “1096“

  • Aims at Preserving Lebanon’s cultural diversity, Freedom of speech and coexistence among various religions and ethnicities,
  • Pledges to consolidate the active presence of the young generation in their Home Country, and
  • Believes that every person has the right for an equitable opportunity to achieve fullest potential through professional learning and working opportunities to contribute in all aspects of Self and Community Development.
IDFoundation established the Guidance and Compliance Committee in 2020 to keep up with the Beirut Back Home Campaign, move forward with rehabilitation, and provide governance and good practices in the implementation; Rewarding every donor.
Sustain Dignity,
Enhance Quality of life and, Support Citizens
Develop the Whole Person in every dimension of life
Develop Every Person to work regardless of religious, politics or cultural beliefs
Develop Partnership to walk side by side with communities where men can live truly human life.
The Explosion of August 4th urged IDFoundation to deploy further efforts providing more supports and collaborating with organizations in direct contact with afflicted families on the ground. 

 Human Dignity and Solidarity
For Development to be Integral it must serve the total person in all dimensions including the Interior.
Each Person no matter how poor and uneducated is endowed with an inalienable dignity and entrusted with a destiny.
Each Person has to be respected as equal member of the Human Family, actively participating towards the common good in solidarity with others.
Our priorities are protecting families, providing them shelters, recovering their lost houses and belongings upon availability of budgets; Bringing Back Beirut The Beacon of the Middle East