Beirut Relief

Beirut Needs to Breath a Sigh of Relief


Support The Beirut Relief Initiative, To  Ease the pain, To Restore Houses and lost Belongings and To Secure jobs

The greatest thing about Giving may be the Benefits it offers to individual recipients, their communities, and the Volunteers themselves.

We are extremely thankful for every kind of Donation that will ease the pain of Beirut citizens.
And tremendously appreciate the trust of other organizations and their collaboration.

We Thank BeBeirut for their generous collaboration providing Home Appliances for 31 afflicted Families due to the Port Blast.

We Thank the Youth of IDfoundation for their Yearly initiative The Donation Container and their tremendous love and giving senses.Who called and graciously raised food, clothes, medicine, goods, and many more. Thanks to them, we were able to reach more than 1000 Families in collaboration with other NGOs: 

With Auxilia offering their help in sorting, packing and delivering goods and clothing to more than 150 Families.

With WOHR-ME offering their care and efforts, delivering Baby Born Milk, and other goods that IDF provided.

With Lebtalks rolling many streets and villages and evoking jolly times by distributing Goodie bags to more than 2000 kids during Christmas season. 




The Gesture
The Gesture

Nadim Karam, took the steel remains of the charred Port hangars and fashioned them into a giant sculpture that he called the Gesture.

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